Kid Friendly Pack


Image of Kid Friendly Pack

We have put this pack together with the help of our regular customers, we asked what their kids love most out of our vast selection and made up a pack accordingly.

You will get everything you see here, if you need to add on extra items please drop us a message via our FaceBook page and we will make arrangements for you x

1.4kg (minimum weight) Gammon Joint plus our special recipe honey roast ham glaze. Ideal for slow cooking and slicing up for sandwiches

1 x 200g block of Dewlay Cheese - a child friendly block will be added at random from our in stock selection but if you would like us to send a specific type of cheese please request this in the message box at check out.

6 x Kentucky Chicken Sticks

6 x Garlic Chicken Sticks

12 x Award Winning Barrons Traditional Pork Sausages

4 x of our own recipe Scotch Eggs

2 x Sausage Lollipops (more can be added via the online shop if you need more than 2)

2 x Mini Cheese & Spring Onion Burgers

2 x Mini Bacon & Cheese Burgers

2 x Mini Monster Burgers

6 x Beef Sizzles

2 x Tubs of 4 Meatballs in our homemade Italian Style Tomato and Herb Sauce