Barrons Favourites Pack


Image of Barrons Favourites Pack

In this pack you will get....

2 x Stuffed Pork Sirloins - stuffed with cheese and garlic
2 x Chicken Cushions - lightly marinated sausage meat wrapped in a chicken breast and neatly tied off with a slice of bacon.
2 x Red Thai Chicken Breasts
2 x Beef Olives - seasoned mixed pork wrap in a thin slice of steak
4 x Steak Kebabs - in a peppercorn and mushroom marinade
2 x Salt and Pepper Chicken Breasts
2 x Chicken Kievs - our own special recipe, our kievs are stuffed with halloumi cheese which has been dipped in a luxury garlic butter and the whole kiev is coated in a garlic breadcrumb.
4 x Lamb Kebabs in a minty marinade